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The Importance of Intelligent Product Selection

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Selecting products is our main mission here at Healthiest. In doing so, we aim to bring you not only the healthiest products possible, but also the ugly truth about products you're already using.

We're tired of shady marketing selling us "healthy" products when they're anything but, neglecting to inform on ingredients that cause cancer, diabetes (think Snackwells craze back in the 90's), and eczema, just to name a few.

But fear not. There are thousands of great brands that have our passion and standards for healthy consumer goods, and it’s our great pleasure to share them with you.

Labels don’t reveal everything!

Hate to break it to you, but labels lie. People often sanction products simply because they’re sold in stores, but that type of blind faith is dangerous for your long term wellbeing. It’s important to dig deeper. Products aren’t always tested for harmful contaminants, heavy metals, or GMOs. Even dosages and efficacy vary brand to brand. 500 MG of a vitamin from one company won’t have the same potency and absorption rate as 500 MG of the same vitamin from a different company. But you can’t stand in the supplement aisle or order from amazon and lab test the product you buy, so what do you do? Whom can you trust?

How we find a trustworthy company?

We demand documentationIt’s crucial to understand how companies source their raw materials. Is there transparency in the supply chain? Do they manufacture in a cGMP or GMP lab? We need to confirm that independent lab tests measure quality and purity of all products, including reputable third party certifications from U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention (USP), (CL), or NSF International (NSF).

Companies don’t hold parallel standards for all products.

Product differentiation is important to noteWhile there are a multitude of high-quality suppliers, manufacturers and companies, not all of their products meet the same standards of excellence. And even within the small group of great companies, we must still evaluate product by product.

You could spend days researching the nuances of hundreds of brands . . . or,  you could let us do it for you.

Have a glance at our quest for the healthiest, most efficient calcium supplement on the market and we’ll walk you through the process . . .




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