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Healthiest Is Having A Baby - Press Release

Teri Levy

In an effort to get healthier, non-toxic personal care products to pregnant women, new moms and dads, and their babies - Healthiest has acquired  According to the Hartman Group “there is a huge missed opportunity to market to pregnant moms because 47% of women become more interested in their health during pregnancy.” is a monthly subscription service delivering a box of healthy products to new moms ideal for each month of pregnancy and the first year of life for their new baby.  

Jacqueline Cerone, CEO and founder of believes there is “excellent alignment between the Healthiest and 21 Bundles mission: to get only the best and safest products into the hands of new moms and moms to be”.

“Getting healthy products and trusted brands into the hands of more consumers is our mission at Healthiest and what better market segment to focus on than new moms, dads, and babies,” says Crystal Brown, founder and CEO of Healthiest and mother of three.  “I wish I had been introduced to a service like 21 Bundles when I was a new mom because it was so hard to find truly chemical-free and non-toxic products."

Both Crystal and Jacqueline realized the difficulty in reading labels and navigating the confusing space of natural products.  Simplifying the confusion drove them to found companies representing only the truly safe and effective brands.  Healthiest works with a panel of expert MDs and PhD’s in integrative and natural medicine.

Most consumers are unaware that the products they are purchasing and putting on their bodies everyday contain harmful and toxic chemicals that are linked to known diseases.  In fact, an alarmingly low number, less than 10%, of 10,000 ingredients commonly used in personal care and household products have been tested for safety on human health.  Many of these chemicals have been linked to cancer, reproductive issues, and hormone disruptors.  Healthiest and 21 Bundles believe in transparency and have created the “No Thanks List” of ingredients which will never be found in any of their products.  

For more information contact Crystal Brown at

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