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About Us

Our Mission

Our vision is to help consumers live a vibrant, healthy, and natural life by offering trusted “Healthiest Approved” products. We work with experts to test and analyze ingredients, interview vendors, and review sourcing to bring you the most chemical-free and sustainable products. We simplify the selection process and create an easy way to make the healthiest choice possible to get you well and keep you healthy.

What Makes Us Healthiest?


Philosophy Cornerstones

Healthiest enables consumers to take a more active role in their own health by providing clear and accessible information that avoids the overwhelming nature of today’s natural products market. Transparency and expert-guided decision-making are at the core of Healthiest’s beliefs and practices.  We strive to bring the consumer the highest quality of products, content, and resources surrounding natural healthcare.  Our guiding principles include:


Our ability to help customers rests on a foundation of trust.  We build trust by consistently generating the highest quality research and sourcing the finest products.  We confirm that trust by using products for ourselves and for our families.


Our customers are always able to see how and why we have made our selections. Our process and our team are front and center.


By allowing each customer to create a personalized collection of Healthiest products, we aim to address individual needs and build brand trust and consumer confidence.

Constant Improvement

We are always improving.  We are committed to finding new and current research and applying it to our product decisions.  If you have input, questions, or comments - call, write, or text - we want to hear from you!